Friday, April 23, 2010

Harper's 1 Month Birthday

Today is Harper's 1 month birthday.  It is hard to believe that a month has passed since we welcomed her into the world.  She's growing so fast and doing so well, we are hopeful her stay in the ICN is nearing the end.

This morning mom and dad went to see her so that we could wish her a happy birthday and sing to her.  We brought her a birthday outfit with a cupcake on it for her to wear for the big celebration.

Today she weighs 5lb. 10oz. and continues to gain weight everyday.  She's breast feeding now on a regular basis which is quite an accomplishment for a 37 week old preemie.  Even the nurses are impressed!

While mom and dad are biased and think Harper is the most beautiful baby in the entire ICN, it's become clear that Harper has acquired a pretty strong fan base at the hospital all on her own.  Just yesterday dad caught one of the nurses, in the middle of her assessment of Harper, saying how cute she was and that she just wanted to "scoop her up and snuggle her."  The day before that, one of the nurses commented on how they wish they could choose their assignments because she would pick Harper everyday!  Harper's rumored to be the favorite among the babies, and we're not the least bit surprised!

Happy Birthday Harper!


  1. Kimberly has the same outfit :-)

  2. Oh my gosh!! My mom just forwarded this to me, and I just learned of the FANTASTIC news for the first time ... on Mother's Day! Happy first Mother's Day, Ryane, and congratulations to you BOTH on Harper's arrival!! She's beautiful, and I know she's in great hands having you two as her parents, guides, best friend and unconditional source of love from here on out. xoxo Tara