Monday, May 3, 2010

Harper's Homecoming!!

Yesterday we got to bring Harper home....FINALLY!

It was such a long awaited and happy day for our family.  Mom and dad enjoyed a romantic evening out Saturday night, followed by a delicious brunch Sunday morning.  While we were there we picked up cup cakes and cookies for the doctors and nurses (per Harper's request) and delivered them to the hospital to thank them for taking such good care of our baby girl.

Then, it was go time!  We signed a few papers, unplugged the last of the wires, dressed her in her cute little outfit and were headed on our way.

When we arrived home we introduced her to her older sister Laney.  As we suspected Laney was curious and anxious to meet the newest addition to the family but seems to be at peace with her new sister.

We also managed to survive the first night and even got some sleep!  We feel truly blessed that we can now all be together.  We will forever remember this fantastic and memorable day.

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  1. I am glad to hear that you have Harper home. Mike and I are extremely happy to have little Kimberly home, and we are still working getting her to sleep through the night. I wish you all the best; it is impossible to love these little girls too much.