Sunday, June 6, 2010

Harper's Big Weekend

This weekend marked the beginning of summer for the Siegel Family and many exciting adventures to come.  Friday morning dad had to fly to Southern California for business leaving Harper and mom with the house to themselves... Ladies Night!!  Mom's good girlfriends came over for dinner, girl talk and to celebrate Harper who soothed herself to sleep for the first time!

On Saturday, mom got to lay out by the pool and enjoy the last of her "girl" time, working out, doing her nails, and spending quality time with Harper when she wasn't napping.  When dad came home, we all got ready for our first real outing to our monthly supper club.  Harper was a great new addition to the group and everyone enjoyed having her there.

Sunday morning Harper got a chance to go to mom and dad's favorite brunch spot.  We thought she'd like the blueberry muffins, but she ended up napping the entire time.  She was so good at brunch we decided to take her to the Walnut Creek Art and Wine Festival.  We enjoyed the beautiful afternoon people watching and listening to the band.

When we got home it was all about Harper!  She loves her play mat and is beginning to track the different lights, colors and sounds.  After we played Harper and Laney enjoyed another nap outside in the shade while mom and dad went swimming.  It was the perfect end to a wonderful weekend!

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