Thursday, August 12, 2010

Daddy's First Post!

My First Post

When Ryane first told me she was staring a blog I have to admit I was more than a little skeptical. For me blogging fell into the superficial, self indulgent, derivative literary gray area right along with tweeting, facebooking and cryptic texting. I did however start to see the benefits when after explaining, for the 300th time, what had happened with Harper’s birth and the reasons behind Ryane’s complications I realized that I could direct all inquires to “our” blog where there was a concise personal and clinical explanation of Ryane’s condition and the reason for the early arrival of baby girl. All of a sudden this four letter word that I had avoided for so long was popping out of my mouth with alarmingly regularity. “When are you going to bring in some pictures of your baby?”  BLOG  “What did you say the name of Ryane’s condition was again?” BLOG  “How long was your baby at birth?” BLOG. Just like that I was singing the praises of our little piece of the internet like an art school drop out temporarily working at Starbucks while promoting their BLOG. The problem was I was taking credit for this creation and not really contributing to it……at all. I would help Ry every once in awhile come up with a caption for a pictures or comment on the theme of the homepage but that was pretty much it. I was the Christopher Columbus of the blogosphere claiming a discovery that wasn’t really mine and I was starting to feel a little guilty. The worst part is I’m supposed to be the writer in the family. I am the one working on the book and no it’s still not done. So I have to apologize to everyone who thought I was the man behind the blog and I have to apologize to my wife for not doing the one thing she asked me to do. She is an amazing person and has fallen into motherhood with the grace that few can. Watching her with Harper has brought me more joy than I thought was possible. She is selfless and wonderful and has managed to document so much in her, yes her, blog while running on minimal sleep, keeping a clean house, working out regularly and being a supportive wife to a neurotic and compulsive husband who never posted a word on the family blog. Lenghtly explanation for a first post but I thought I should clear a few things up before I started. I feel better now and ready to shed my preconceived notions about the medium and commit to contributing at least once a month so here we go……..
 I sat and had a long conversation with Harper this morning.  She is a great listener, a trait she got from her mother. After Harper listened to my rants about blogging she starting to talk in her newly found warble of a voice. She kind of makes extended vowel noises but has great ever-changing expressions so the audience stays captivated. In short she makes a lot of noise without really saying anything but keeps it interesting, finally a trait she got from dad. As she strung together her sentences of non-sequitors I couldn’t help but marvel at the fact that she was trying to communicate without any real help from anybody. In such a short time she has already transformed from an adorable little lump of playdoo into a tiny person struggling to find the right words to tell her daddy that blogging isn’t that bad. I am more excited than I ever thought I would be to witness her progressions as she begins to absorb the world around her and grow into the wonderful person I know she will be. I have so many things I want to say to her, so many things I can’t wait to show her and so much to learn from her that some times I want her to grow-up even quicker so we can get on with all the great things we have to look forward too. Then again as I held her tiny body against my chest after our conversation this morning and felt her tiny breath on my neck I realized that all that will come but I will never get this amazing time back. So for now I will be patient, shocking right, and enjoy our interpretive chats and the naps in my arms while wondering what she’ll be able to do tomorrow.

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  1. oh goodness Daddy Ryan, that was a beautiful, thoughtful & honest post! I applaud you & this is VERY special for you, Ry & especially for Harper. She is so lucky to have such amazing parents. I totally agree with you - one of the best parts of Harper's arrival has been watching Ryane blossom into a wonderful, natural & selfless mother. She's an over-achiever. But really are we at all surprised? We love you all especially you Baby Harper. Sweet Dreams!!