Wednesday, September 11, 2013


        A lot of people told us that having two young kids was exponentially harder than having one.  As much as I thought our situation would be different…..I was wrong. The first few (73/4) weeks were pretty tough. Quinn you were not much of a sleeper, did NOT like to be swaddled and threw up more than anyone or anything we had ever seen, but you were adorable…….which helps. Apparently we were not the SUPER PARENTS we thought we were when we had a team of highly specialized nurses taking care of our last newborn (Harper). In fact everything we thought we knew about parenting went out the window and we were right back to square one. We searched the ENTIRE web and tried reading baby books for ideas but we were both so tired that we could hardly make it through two pages before falling asleep facedown into the endless tips and general suggestions. We took turns trying to bounce, rock, shoosh and sway you only handing you off when one of us lost feeling in our feet or arms. We sang to you, talked to you, pleaded and begged you but you were not having it. You cried and cried then puked and then you starting squeaking……yes SQUEAKING. Technically you were hiccupping but ask anyone that heard you……you were squeaking. You sounded like you had swallowed a dog toy. You squeaked in the bath, you squeaked when you ate and you squked(squeak puked), on a regular basis. It was actually pretty hilarious and helped us laugh through the sheer exhaustion and power through the rough patches. On a good night you’d even squeak yourself to sleep and we’d lovingly stare at you trying to forget that we had to “wake up” in 45 minutes.
Even with all the sleepless nights and never ending outfit changes we already love you very much. It feels like you have always been here and these moments of calm allow us to truly enjoy you and see that there would be light at the end of the tunnel. Plus you got a really cool nickname.......We love you Squeaks!!! 

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