Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Little Glimpse of "Normal"

 After two months of holding and bouncing you we decided that it was time to try and put you down so that we could actually see something more than the top or back of your head. You did not embrace the idea as much as we would have liked. After trying every natural, holistic and Whole Foods approved approach to try and alleviate your stomach issues we succumbed to the traditional western method of treating discomfort.......medicine! Your Mother had already cut out any and all food groups and beverages that might have been contributing to your condition. She was on a diet that basically consisted of baked chicken, brown rice and water. She even gave up coffee because she thought it would help and believe me if there was ever a time in which she NEEDED coffee it was then. Only after constant pleading from me to consider medication and the eventual realization that none of the dietary sacrifices seemed to help did your mother settle for what she thought was the "easy" way out. So we swallowed our pride, disregarded the anti-establishment online parenting community and filled your very first prescription. I don't want to exaggerate but this was not any ordinary medicine but rather life changing happy baby juice sent from the heavens above. It completely renewed my faith in the entire pharmaceutical industry. You were like a different child or perhaps the baby you were meant to be now that you had a little relief and comfort. You started to sleep which meant we started to sleep which meant life as we once knew it was again in our reach. You smiled and made noises that actually sounded like a human baby. The puking was still borderline comical in its sheer volume but now that we were actually getting four hours of sleep in row it didn't really seem to matter as much. We actually got the chance to put you down, stare into your beautiful blue eyes and remember how amazing a new baby can be. We finally got to meet the "real Quinn"and realize how lucky we were to have you in our lives.

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